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Principles and Practices Display Pack for Families


What are Principles?  This pack helps you share with families how our principles guide
our Practice.

Includes the main poster for Principles and Practice. For each of the principles and practices and card to explain each term and what educators' are striving to achieve.


Plus if you would like to personalise this whole set for your service you can do so with this pack.

Collaborative Partnerships with families begins with helping families understand what we are talking about and striving for with learning outcomes for children.



  • Ready to go Poster Set for your service
  • Editable Poster Set- personalise for your service

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Element 1.1.1   -Approved learning framework -Curriculum decision-making contributes to each child’s learning and development outcomes in relation to their identity, connection with community, wellbeing, confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators.


Standard 6.2-Collaborative partnerships-Collaborative partnerships enhance children’s inclusion, learning and wellbeing.




Principles and Practices Poster Set

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