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Everything you need for your Loose Parts Space, includes topic cards, posters,signs, quotes, links to EYLF and NQS and lots more.


  • Loose Parts Display Pack Outcome Posters
  • Key Learning Outcomes for Loose Parts
  • Loose Parts Area Signs
  • The Benefits of Loose Parts poster
  •  Ready to print lables of loose part materials and also includes an editable set for you to add extra if you need
  • Inspirational Book Quotes Promoting
  • Loose Parts posters for your service
  • Promote Thinking Cards

Element 1.1.1 Approved learning framework    Element 1.1.2 Child-centred  
Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners


  • Includes Learning Outcomes suitable for EYLF, QKLG, MTOP and VEYLDF. Parent /Child Voices and Future Planning.
  • Everything required to ensure you are achieving the requirements for-Element 1.3.1 Assessment and planning cycle-Each child’s learning and development is assessed or evaluated as part of an ongoing cycle of observation, analysing learning, documentation, planning, implementation and reflection.
  • Set up in an easy to understand and use page- while creating an ongoing learning journal for families to view at any time.


Our Learning Story Packs Include;

  • Outcome pages suitable for EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, VEYLDF
  • Analysis of Learning- what this means and how to write
  • Future planning- what this means and how to write
  • Parent voice (sections to invite parent contribution)
  • Reflection to ensure your cycle of programming


Loose Parts Display Pack

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