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A collection of activities, resources, and feedback forms for educators and staff able to provide open, honest feedback and critically reflect on current practices and how they correlate with the National Quality Standard.


This set is for educators to assess their own practices against the National Quality Standard (NQS) and National Regulations and identify their strengths and areas for continuous improvement.


These self-assessment documents are to inform quality improvement planning and can be used as evidence for your self-assessment process with a focus on Educators and children. Have a look at the useful tools and resources in your pack to help you easily set up your self-reflection folders.



  • Collecting Children's Voices
  • Exceeding Themes- Team Input Activities
  • Binder Tabs- For your Folders (self-assessment, feedback, and evidence)
  • Weekly staffroom focus questions
  • Lead Educators' Pre-Assessment Checklists
  • Educators Feedback forms for each Quality Area
  • To do-each Quality Area

    This is a fantastic set and is suitable for Early Childhood Service, OSHC Services, and Family Day Care.
Element 7.2.1 Continuous improvement There is an effective self-assessment and quality
improvement process in place.

Educators Self-Assessment Set

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  • Suitable for EYLF,QKLG,MTOP,VEYLDF all services using the National Quality Standard