Learning During Everyday Routines-Poster Set

Routines are an important part of each child's day. Routines allow children to navigate the continuous challenge of learning from the safe and comforting boundaries that are created by routines.

We have created a set of Posters which can demonstrate the learning that is happening during every day routines. This is important for educators and families, to learn that throughout all steps of the day there are many teachable moments.

These posters are perfect to display in each of your areas, where these everyday routines are happening, or display around your Routine for the day. This Set includes a high quality set of ready to go poster and also includes a set you can add your own photos to personalise for your service. Routines help children learn how their world is organized and what they need to do in order to interact successfully in that world (Sussmen, 2011)

All of these posters are included in this offer and demonstrate to families how learning is happening in all aspects of our day. Dont forget this set also includes a set you can personalise for your service.

You can order this set here for only $9.95 Learning Through Routines Poster Set

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