Does every child have a voice on your program?

How do you make sure you include every child's voice on your program? Their interests, culture, families input as well as extending upon learning experiences happening every day? Your program should allow for educator-led learning as well as child initiated spontaneous learning. Plus community happenings, parent input, group goals, transitions and more.

Our programs help make this so much easier for you and combined with our learning story packs you can simply add your future planning ideas directly to your planned individual experiences. Our learning story packs and our programming packs cover all of this for you. With every pack explaining what you need to be looking for and how to ensure each child has a voice on your program.

We have a special offer that includes our program packs plus every one of our learning story packs and we have also added our Belonging, Being, Becoming Posters for free. All these packs combined include everything you need to help you ensure every child has a voice on your program and each child's learning cycle can be viewed from your learning journals through your program. Ensuring you meet all the requirements for Quality Area 1 Educational Program and Practice 1.1.2-Each child’s current knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program

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