Lead Educator/Group Leader Ultimate Program and Planning Set

Updated: Mar 14

This lead educator set includes a huge collection of resources to help you with your program, planning, self-assessment, and more. Scroll down to see what is included in this massive set.


Critical Reflection Journal View this set here

Educational Leader Binder

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Milestone Moments Birth to 5 years

view this set here

Summative Assessments Special Moments Set

view this set here

Educators Self- Assessment Set

view this offer here

Program Planning Starter Set

View this set here

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  • Lifetime reprint licence for each template

  • Detailed instructions for each section

  • Example/Sample program to help you along your programming journey.

  • Different backgrounds for each template to choose from.

  • Each template is colourful and aesthetically pleasing to draw attention from families and invites contribution.

The Benefits of using our packs

No ongoing costs, once you purchase them they are yours forever If we update an individual pack you have purchased we will send you the updates for free Our packs are so easy to use, no internet issues or planned outages or calls to helplines for assistance Families are loving the pages they are presented in children’s