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Everything you need for your Book Corner/Reading Space, includes topic cards, posters, signs, awards, quotes, links to EYLF and NQS and lots more.



  • Outcome Posters for Reading  Key  Learning Outcomes for Reading Posters
  • Book Corner Signs Includes a couple of ready to print signs with different wording and also an editable page if you have a particular name you like to use for your reading space.
  • The Benefits of a Reading Space This poster has a list of benefits for children when reading and looking at books.  Includes links to EYLF and NQS
  • Book Hero Award An award to give out to children you notice taking special care with books.
  • Book Topic Lables  Includes ready to print lables with topics and also includes an editable set for you to add topics for your service or as you add new books to suit the interests of children.
  • Caring for Books Sign  A ready-to-print sign for your book area reminding children of the best way to care for books.
  • Fun Comic Text Words Ready to print, simply laminate and cut each one out.  These are fun words for children to say and you can either stick them around your book corner or have them in a container for an activity.
  • Inspirational Book Quotes for Children Ready to print posters for your reading space.
  • Promote thinking signs These can be placed around your reading space and are questions to ask children to encourage thinking about the story and the characters of the books they are reading.
  • Quiet Sign A poster reminding children your reading area is a quiet area.
  • Display Images Families Reading together Picture to print of families reading together to promote the importance of storytime at home.  Print, laminate, and display in your reading area.

Element 1.1.1 Approved learning framework    Element 1.1.2 Child-centred  
Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
Learning Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators


  • Includes Learning Outcomes suitable for MTOP.
  • Parent /Child Voices and Future Planning.
  • Everything required to ensure you are achieving the requirements for-Element 1.3.1 Assessment and planning cycle-Each child’s learning and development is assessed or evaluated as part of an ongoing cycle of observation, analysing learning, documentation, planning, implementation and reflection.
  • Set up in an easy to understand and use page- while creating an ongoing learning journal for families to view at any time.


Our Learning Story Packs Include;

  • Outcome pages suitable for EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, VEYLDF
  • Analysis of Learning- what this means and how to write
  • Future planning- what this means and how to write
  • Parent voice (sections to invite parent contribution)
  • Reflection to ensure your cycle of programming


Book Corner/Reading Space Display and Activity Pack

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