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We have combined our most useful Assessment and Rating Resources in one special offer.  Hit the ground running in 2021 with this very helpful set. 

This set is being used around Australia to assist with educators with their self-assessment and assist service to capture feedback from families for their Q.I.P.  Help educators easily write their Critical Reflection journals each day and so much more. 

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To involve your Families- Our Q.I.P Display and Family Feedback Set

ready to go signs

family questionnaires

feedback forms

collaboration tree

our journey so far (celebrating successes)

and so much more (valued at $49.95)


For your Educators- Educators Self-Assessment Set


A collection of activities, resources, and feedback forms for educators and staff able to provide open, honest feedback and critically reflect on current practices and how they correlate with the National Quality Standard.

(Valued at $39.95)

For your Educational Leader-Our Educational Leader Binder

This binder is a tool for educational leaders to keep track of meetings with educators and provide a space to jot down mentoring notes and curriculum guidances. Record educator barriers and identify gaps and discuss room program, documentation, record keeping and more. meetings with educators and provide a space to jot down mentoring notes and curriculum guidances.  Record educator barriers and identify gaps and discuss room program, documentation, record keeping and more.

Element 7.2.2  The educational leader is supported and leads the development and implementation of the educational program and assessment and planning cycle.

Valued at $19.95            

5 x 2021 Critical Reflection Journal (for 5 educators)

Specific questions to help educators reflect on that learning and happenings during the week

Encourages educators to think about resources, spaces, and theorists over the week

Strengths and challenges

Group and individual learning

Relationships with children and families


Includes a section for important celebrations and happenings over the week

Easy to use and understand to help all educators on the self-reflection journey.

  • (Valued at  over $60.00)

For your Director

1 x A3 Desk planner for directors to keep on top of their week!

Dated for each week of 2021

Q.I.P notes and Progress

Maintenance and Compliance

General Correspondence

Important Events

Staff changes and Children Numbers

Transitions, illnesses, medications

Policies under review

Education Leader notes and feedback

Programming time

Weekly Director Reflection

Professional Development
(Valued at $19.95)            

Centre Reflection and Communication Journal for your service

A place for everyone in your service  to contribute thoughts towards ongoing

improvements, Q.I.P as well as general weekly messages from the Director and Education

Leader.  Also has a weekly Q.I.P tip. Record maintenance notes, shopping, and more.

Valued at $19.95           


Our Principles and Practices Poster Set

Collaborative Partnerships with families begins with

helping families understand what we are talking about

and striving for with learning outcomes for children.

(Valued at $9.95)

All 3 sets of our Learning outcome Posters

valued at $9.95 each

2021 Assessment and Rating Bundle

$297.00 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price
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Over 50 packs and each include all the required learning outcomes for NQF and NQS while creating a lovely keepsake for families.

Full Set Special Offer

Full Set Special Offer

$297.50Regular Price$99.95Sale Price
GST Included