September 21 Awareness Days and Celebrations...

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Below is our list of events and awareness days that may be of interest to your service. Choose which ones may be suitable for children and families in your service. Below are some happenings this month and some ideas to go with them. Download the full month calendar below

1st-Early Childhood Educator's Day

Get your Free Educators Day Certificates Here 1st-First Day of Spring

View our Exploring the Weather pack here 1st-Indigenous Literacy Day

View our Cultural Diversity pack here 1st-Wattle Day 1st-National Health and Physical Education Day

View our Health and Nutrition pack here 1st-4th-Legacy Week 1st-7th-Asthma Week 1st-30th-Social September 1st-30th- Footy Colours Day 1st-30th-Starlight Movie Month 1st-30th- Foster Care Month 1st-30th- Biodiversity Month

View our Sustainable Practice pack here 1st-30th- Save the Koala Month

View our Aussie Animals with short stories pack here 2nd-8th- National Landcare Week 5th-11th- National Child Protection Week NAPCAN

View our Free Child Protection pack here 5th-International Day of Charity 5th- Father’s Day

View our Fathers Day Activity and Learning Story pack here 6th-10th-Womens Health Week 6-12th-National Superhero Week 7th-Threatened Species Day 8th-International Literacy Day 9th-R U OK? Day

View our Mindfulness and wellbeing pack here 10th-White Balloon Day 12th- National Bilby Day

View our Aussie Animals and short stories pack here (Bella Bilby) 15th-International Day of Democracy 17th-Australian Citizenship Day 17-19th-Clean up the World Day 19th-Talk Like A Pirate Day

View our Free Talk like a Pirate Day Here 21st-World Gratitude Day 22nd-World Rhino Day

View our Exploring Africa Pack here 28th-4th-National Op Shop Week 29th-National Police Remembrance Day

View our Community Visitors and Excursions pack here 29th-World Heart Day

Or View Our Discounted Sep21 Events Learning Bundle Here- Save $$ get all of the Sep packs in one special offer


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