MTOP School Holiday Resource Pack

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Did you know that all of our Learning Story Packs have MTOP learning outcomes? Plus we have posters suitable for your OSHC Program?

We have combined a collection of resources we think would be best suited to your School Holiday Programs. Have a look at what is included below.

OUR MTOP Pack with Activity ideas as well as Learning Story Pages

All of the below-learning story pages to document and display the learning to families over the school holidays during your outings and incursions. Each of these packs are suitable for MTOP


Q.I.P Family Feedback Set- Suitable to display your Q.I.P in OSCH Services

All of these sets would normally cost over $150.00 we have a massive special offer to get all of these for a limited time for your school holiday program for only $79.95. Order directly below or Request an Invoice Here

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