July Awareness Days and Celebrations...

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Below is our list of events and awareness days that may be of interest to your service. Choose which ones may be suitable for children and families in your service. Below are some happenings this month and some ideas to go with them. Download the full month calendar below.

1st-Dry July

1st-International Joke Day

3rd-International Plastic Bag Free Day

View our Sustainable Practice pack to document children's learning- Sustainable Practice

5th-12th July -NAIDOC Week

View our NAIDOC Posters and Activity Pack here- NAIDOC WEEK

7th-World Chocolate Day

11th-17-National Diabetes Week

12th -Malala Day

20th -25th July -National Farm Safety Week

View our Exploring Farms pack here- Exploring Farms

18th-Nelson Mandela International Day

20th -Crazy Hair Day

Get our Free pack here- Crazy Hair Day

20th-23rd-Eid al-Adha

23rd-National Pyjama Day

View our FREE Pyjama pack here- Pyjama Day Freebie

23rd -8th Aug-Tokyo Olympics

View our Free Olympics Pack here-Tokyo Olympics

24th-24 July-Asalha Puja Day (Buddhism)

25th-National Stepfamily Awareness Day

View our My Family Pack here- My Family

25th -National Carrot Day

View our Health and Nutrition Pack here-Health and Nutrition

26th-30th Early Learning Matters Week

30th-International Day of Friendship

View our Developing Friendships pack here-Friendships

30th-Schools Tree Day

31st-World Ranger Day


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