April Events and Awareness Days for Early Childhood Services

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Download our Free Celebrations and Awareness Day Calendar and have a look at the resources we have to help you celebrate these days and document the learning.


1st April–April Fool’s Day 2nd–Go Blue for Autism -Good Friday 4th April–Easter Sunday- Check out our Easter Activity Pack here 7th April–World Health Day -Check out our Health and Nutrition Pack Here 8 April–Hana Matsuri (Buddhism) 12 April-Ramadan begins –International Day of Human Space Flight- Check out our Exploring Space Activity Pack 14th–25th-Nature Play Week- Check out our Nature Pack here –Baisakhi-Sikh 15th–21st–World Creativity & Innovation Week 18th–World Heritage Day 18th April–19th May–The National Trust Heritage Festival 22nd-International Mother Earth Day –Earth Day –Jelly Bean Day 23rd-World Book and Copyright Day- Check out our Book Corner Display Pack here 24th-International Guide Dog Day 24th-30-World Immunization Week 25th-World Penguin Day –Anzac Day- Free ANZAC Day Pack here 28th-Pay it Forward Day – World Day for Safety and Health at Work 30th-International Jazz Day

Get your Free April Calendar here

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